Self-Paced PD

Follow Self-Paced PD Sessions in Schoology to meet your annual 7.5 hours of PD requirements or to grow professionally.

Join a course in Schoology by going to Courses menu at the top of the screen in Schoology and click on Join. Then enter the appropriate Access Code for your course.

Comet DNA

A video of the Comet DNA session at Mason Learning Series 2017 will be added here.


Personalized Learning

Sliding Into Personalization – 1 Hour
This course will introduce you to to using Allison Zmuda’s Personalization Soundboard Sliders as a guide for moving toward co-creation and student creation of seven specific parts of your instructional practice.
Schoology Code: Coming Fall 2017

Grading Practice & Feedback

Schoology’s New Assessment Tools – 1 Hour
In the Fall of 2017, Schoology will be adding a great deal of new types of questions in their assessment builder. Explore those new question types in this self-paced PD experience.
Schoology Code: Coming Fall 2017


Data & Assessment Literacy

DoK Basics – 1 Hour
Norman Webb’s Depth of Knowledge is a powerful tool to help teachers meet the challenge of rigor in the classroom. According to EduTopia, “categorizes tasks according to the complexity of thinking required to successfully complete them.” In this Self-Paced PD Session, explore the basics of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge.
Schoology Code: Coming Fall 2017

Using Schoology’s Mastery Gradebook – 1 Hour
Tagging standards and learning targets to activities, quizzes, and rubrics in Schoology can help you track how your students are actually doing on those specific standards. This opens up a whole new world of making evidence based decisions on the instruction you will offer your students.
Schoology Code: Coming Fall 2017


Personalized Professional Learning Pathway

Book Study – Total Clock Hours, up to 3.5 Hours
Do your own book study! Read a book that fits into one of the following categories:

  1. Mindsets
  2. Grading
  3. Personalized Learning
  4. Best Practices

You can choose from the list suggested listed in the Schoology course or choose your own title. Once complete, go to the discussion board in Schoology related to your topic and answer the reflective questions there.
Schoology Code: 65XFV-9JJQ5

Digital Resource Exploration – Total Clock Hours, up to 3.5 Hours
Spend time exploring the tools available within the “Links to digital resources” folder in the Schoology course.  The main goal of this exploration is to identify some great resources that can acheive one of the following goals:

  1. Increase student engagement
  2. Allow students to express learning in new and creative ways
  3. Allow students to collaborate and share ideas
  4. Quickly identify student learning (formative assessment tools)
  5. Allow students to engage in deep level problem solving
  6. Allow students to connect globally with content
  7. Use technology to allow for more flexible pacing, pathways for learning, or inclusion of student passion.

Once you have found a tool, your goal would be to implement the resource into your classroom and then write a reflection of your learning experience in the discussion board in Schoology.
Schoology Code: 65XFV-9JJQ5