August 9, 2022

Remote Learning Experience Reflective Questions

Katie Holmes, a math teacher at Mason High School, desires to set students up for success as they continue working from home. To support her students, she plans to share some of these questions to encourage reflection and healthy academic and personal choices.

When working at home in the past, what strategies worked for you?

  • Where did you feel most productive?
  • When did you feel most productive?
  • How can you limit distractions?

What could your daily schedule/routine look like?

  • What tools/resources do you have at home to organize your time?
  • What is a reasonable amount of time a day to spend on schoolwork?
  • When and how could you let your mind rest?

In what ways could you take care of your physical and mental health? (Exercise, Journaling, etc.)

  • How are you feeling- personally and academically?
  • Does the level of academic challenge match the level of support you have available?

What strategies are most helpful for your academic success?

  • How could you organize your work?
  • What could you do when you have questions or are stuck?
  • How could you document deadlines and set a plan for meeting them?

How will you continue to build healthy relationships?

  • What support might you need to feel more confident learning online?
  • What support might you need to feel connected to others?


Joe Muhlberg

Joe Muhlberg is a Learning Experience Designer at Mason High School.

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