August 9, 2022

Practical Steps for Wellness

The idea of mental wellness is growing as a priority in education. This can be seen as schools create roles for mental wellness coordinators and as the state adopting social emotional standards

In response to COVID 19, schools are utilizing a variety of learning models. Social distancing is occurring through physical and virtual spacing. Hybrid learning and creative bell schedules also put a strain on meaningful interactions. 

This week I had the opportunity to open up a conversation with teachers to listen to some intentional steps they are taking for wellness. 

Listen to the Podcast-  “Practical Steps for Wellness”


Questions for Reflecting 

  1. What do you really need right now?

              What steps are you taking to be well?

    2. What do our students really need right now?

               How might we support our students’ wellness                             through the learning experiences we create? 

Joe Muhlberg

Joe Muhlberg is a Learning Experience Designer at Mason High School.

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