May 16, 2022

Powerful Questions Shift Ownership of Learning

Consider making small moves through posing questions. 

We are already asking questions in our classroom.  Consider if your questions encourage student reflection and collaboration.  The questions we ask and what we ask students to do with them have the power to foster healthy habits of mind; strong questions also create space to increase student ownership of learning.  

How can we ask deeper questions?

Consider posing questions that challenge higher level thinking:
In World Language, Music, Art, Math, History, Science, Literature

How can we give all students a voice once the question is asked?
Student voice can be empowered by using talk moves – encouraging students to respond and build onto their classmates ideas using these sentence/question starters.

For further reading, check out this article by Bena Kallick and Art Costa on, “The Value of Questioning and Posing Problems.”

Joe Muhlberg

Joe Muhlberg is a Learning Experience Designer at Mason High School.

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