PD Hours

Report your 2017-2018 PD Hours here.

Comet Core4: Comet DNA
(1 Required Hour)

This is the only PD session that everyone in Mason City Schools is required to do as part of their PD for the 2017-2018 school year. Our district leadership team will present their vision for the necessary mindsets, district instructional philosophy, & core values needed in our classrooms.

  • OPTION 1: Attend the Comet DNA (Green Sessions on Sched) session live at the Learning Series. Multiple times will be available.
  • OPTION 2: Attend the session on Tuesday, September 19 at MI Kiva. 2:35-3:35 OR 4:00-5:00 PM.
  • OPTION 3: Watch the MLS Session online (use Schoology Access Code: 8KBTW-S25Z8).

Remaining Comet Core4: 1 Hour Required Each
(3 Total Hours)

  • Personalized Learning  (Pink Sessions on Sched for MLS option) 
  • Grading Practice & Feedback (Orange Sessions on Sched for MLS option)
  • Data & Assessment Literacy (Light Blue Sessions on Sched for MLS option)

Everyone will choose amongst many options for one hour in EACH of the remaining Core4. You have several options for completing each of these hours. Your hour in each topic should be completed by the embedded PD day that covers the same topic. See the “Embedded PD Days” section below for details.

  • OPTION 1: Choose any Mason Learning Series sessions tagged with the appropriate theme.
  • OPTION 2: Participate in a self-paced online workshop held on Schoology.
    • Personalized Learning Schoology Access Code: 4FHZF-9K6X9
    • Grading Practice & Feedback Access Code: 5MJN8-Z33NS (work with a coach on identifying which parts of that course to do)
    • Data & Assessment Literacy Schoology Access Code: ZS3JS-ND2T9 (work with a coach on identifying which parts of that course to do)
  • OPTION 3: Work with an Instructional Coach to form a personalized pathway that covers any or all of the themes.

Personalized Professional Learning Pathway
(3.5 Total Hours)

Just like in the 2016-2017 School Year, you will create a personal pathway for 3.5 hours of professional learning. You can choose to make this an in-depth study of a particular subject. Or, the hours can be spent exploring a variety of topics.

  • OPTION 1: Attend at least 3.5 hours of sessions at pre-approved conference experiences, including Mason Learning Series (light red sessions).
  • OPTION 2: Attend additional sessions at the Mason Learning Series beyond the Comet Core4. Extra sessions in the Core4 can even be part of your 3.5 hour pathway (any colored sessions except white). For example, if you take two sessions in Personalized Learning, one hour counts for your Core4 requirement & the other counts toward your 3.5 Hour Pathway.
  • OPTION 3: Work with an Instructional Coach/Admin to form a pathway with rich resources of personal interest.
  • OPTION 4: Participate in a Digital Resource Exploration or Book Study in a Schoology course. In Schoology, go to COURSES > JOIN & use the Access Code: 65XFV-9JJQ5.

Embedded PD Days – 13.5 Hours on PD Days

Your 7.5 Hours is just part of your PD experience. The 13.5 hours of embedded PD during our PD days go beyond the 7.5 hours, but will also tap into the Core4 Themes to help you continue your professional growth in your buildings.

  • October 16: 1 hour on Comet DNA, 2 hours on curriculum work by department, building, or team.
  • November 20: 1 hour on Personalized Learning, 1 hour on curriculum work by department, building, or team.
  • January 5: Theme is Cultural IQ. Watch email for details and locations
  • February 16: 2 hours of large group content, 2 hours on curriculum work by department, building, or team.
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