May 16, 2022

Intentional Moves in Science

Creating Space for Immediate Feedback

Context: In biology, students are taking a quiz to measure their ability to use a microscope effectively.  Students are also reviewing for a quiz on cells. The class was split into two groups- one group reviewed for the upcoming cell quiz, while the other group used microscopes for an assessment.  Then, the groups switched.

Move to support student ownership of learning:  By Mrs. Coleman providing immediate feedback to students, it increased their awareness of how they are performing on specific microscope skills and what needs adjusted. 

“Are you sure?”

“I do want you to draw more than that, focus on it for the next one.”

“We do not wet mount this kind”

“Make sure you leave your station as you found it.”

“Okay, you got it”

Through What Best Supports Your Learning

Context: Prior to today’s chemistry lesson, students learned how to represent atomic bonding in 2D using a Lewis Structure.  The goal for today is that students would be able to represent bonding in a 3D form. Students are working to move from a formulaic understanding to a conceptual understanding to try and understand a concept through creating a 3D visual.

Move to support student ownership of learning: Students were given the option to choose how they will learn about 3D representations of bonds.  A video tutorial was shared in a link, hands-on models were available at every table, and Mrs. Shuba floated around the room.  Students were encouraged to work with others taking a similar learning path.  


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