May 16, 2022

Going Places!

Posted by Tina, written by Haley Glandorff.

Sometimes, the best lessons are the ones we don’t plan!

Our class read the book Going Places! by Paul and Peter Reynolds and my class loved it. In this book, a go-cart contest inspires children to use their imagination to create different vehicles. This book sparked a conversation about things that students could make, similar to the children in the book. I could have stopped the conversation and moved on to our next lesson, but we kept going!

We made a list of things that go such as submarines, hot air balloons, scooters, ferries, and more. Students were given paper and time to plan what they were going to make. After their designs were finished, students were able to take any materials we had in our room and create their design. They could choose from blocks, Brain Flakes, construction paper, pipe cleaners, glue, tape, foam, and more. Their creations were amazing! From life size scooters with a snack basket, to a bus complete with the bus driver wearing his favorite Boston Red Sox hat, to a dog on a skateboard – their vehicles were out of this world! They all had such amazing reasons for the materials they picked and the “accessories” that were on their items such as air slides on the outside of the plane in case of a plane crash in water. I learned a lot about my students, their creativity, and their ability to expand on their curiosities!

Tina Darling

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