May 16, 2022
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Four Attributes: Social Construction

Students at the Center by Allison Zmuda and Bena Kallick identifies four attributes of Personalized Learning.

One attribute of Personalized Learning is Social Construction.  Kallick and Zmuda argue that Social Construction occurs when “…students build ideas through relationships with others as they theorize and investigate in pursuit of common learning goals.”

Social Construction can be observed around the building when:

  • Students turn and talk before answering the question asked by the teacher
  • Students work in small groups to solve problems and creatively present learning products
  • Students discuss, debate, and argue about different approaches, interpretations, and ideas.

Social Construction requires scaffolding, coaching, and TIME.

  • Talk Moves can help support better in-class discussions.
  • Teachers can use turn-and-talk and jigsaw techniques instead of question blasts to the entire class. This slows the class down a bit and keeps the fastest student from doing all of the answerings. The fact is, speed has little to do with thinking. Deep thinking, in fact, takes time.

Photo Credit: Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa

Aaron Roberts

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