August 9, 2022

English Language Learners and Personalized Learning

Ways to boost Student Voice:

Many opportunities for students to clarify key concepts 

Many opportunities for students to engage the content through multiple means:

  • Hands-on Manipulatives, Real-Life Objects, Pictures and Visuals, Videos, Demonstrations, Reading-Materials (with audio option), High Interest-Low Readability Texts, Chapter Summaries, Adapted Texts

Opportunities for students to make personal connections to the material 

  • Like learning about a mineral that is commonly mined in their hometown

Ways to boost Co-Creating:

Sentence Starters 


Providing Students with Options

Graphic Organizer

Ways to boost Social Construction

Flexible grouping that ranges from whole class, partners, small group, to individual assignments.

Work alongside peers to create, problem solve, and analyze. 

Diverse groupings

  • ELL students benefit from the support of a peer  who is also learning the language as well as students strong in the language and the content.

Jigsaw the material.

  • Each member of the group is responsible for one section that they become the expert of.

Ways to Boost Self-Discovery

Self-Assessment of learning objectives

Reflect on progress toward the learning goal(s)

Reflect on the language skills and strategies they are growing in 

Reflect on the language skills and vocabulary they need to progress in content understanding 

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Information adapted from the SIOP Model

       Echevarría, J., Vogt, M., & Short, D. (2017). Making content comprehensible for English learners:

               The SIOP Model. Boston, MA: Pearson.




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