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Get Them Out of There! How I Achieve Email Inbox Zero

According to Gmail Meter, I get just over 100 emails per school day. That’s a lot of email to keep up with! Those emails range from simple requests for technical assistance to requests for Reflective Planning appointments before a teacher tries something new in a lesson and every level of engagement in between and beyond! I…
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September 9, 2017 0

Ready to Teach Like a Pirate!

Note: Sarah Boselovic is a guest blogger for our #MasonLearns blog. Sarah is another teacher who believes that you have to read to lead. She dove into the hot book Teach Like a Pirate. Ms. Boselovic is about to enter her third year of teaching. This coming school year will be her second year teaching…
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July 13, 2017 3

Using Google Forms for Homework Checks

This year instead of taking homework simply for completion each night, I’m trying to use Google Forms as homework checks for accuracy.  I am creating a form each week, and having students complete it for their homework grade.  I then use the add-on Flubaroo to grade the assignment, and can quickly enter grades into the…
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November 3, 2015 0