May 16, 2022

Algebra II Pathways Activity

Recently, Tina Leder, Jere Clark, and Kristi Stephens met and created a special pathways map activity for their students. Students worked on choosing activities and taking self-assessments as they went through the map. By opening up the pathway map, they created an environment where many attributes of personalized learning were evident. Students had a clear voice in how they wanted to learn, yes. However, more powerful was their social construction and self-discovery throughout the unit.

Students reported that the work was different than a typical group project where one or two kids did all of the work. Advanced learners acted as math coaches for their peers – thus strengthening their own understanding. All learners were able to engage in activities that were most interesting to them. They even had checkpoints to help them better understand their own performance.

Way to go go, Algebra II team!


Aaron Roberts

Aaron Roberts is a Learning Experience Designer at Mason High School. His goals in education is to be a creative catalyst. He wants to help all learners, educators, administrators, and community members realize their creative potential!

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