May 16, 2022

5 Tools for Self-Discovery

Making Meaning through Self-Discovery

Meet Lola- a young girl challenged to capture the essence of her hometown. With deep desire, “Lola closed her eyes and tried to recall anything about the island but nothing came up.”  She decides to seek out her past in order to shape her view of the island. Through the journey, her world comes to life.      

           -Read more in, Islandborn by Júnot Diaz

Consider Lola in the image with her abuela.  She is driven to understand the world around her in order to make meaning for her life.

How would learning be affected as students become aware of who they are?  How might making personal connections to concepts covered in our curriculum deepen understanding?

There are many ways to respond, but let’s start by knowing that we’re in this together.  Here are 5 tools being used by teachers to set students up to make meaning of themselves and the world around them.  Reflecting on the week ahead, how could students be encouraged to unlock their world?

Please share tools you are using too!

Introduce New Content with a Challenge

Mind Mapping

Immediate Feedback

Peer Feedback

Models to Choose From

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