Help! I need a digital turn-in bin!

Help! I need a digital turn-in bin!

September 27, 2017 Google Forms Uncategorized 0

I need a Digital Turn in Bin!

As we utilize technology more and more in the classroom we can sometimes find our inboxes being slammed with student work that we don’t really want in our inboxes.  Students using google docs often “share assignments” directly with their teacher and they move on with their day. Meanwhile, teachers find themselves swimming (or drowning) in digital work that seems brutal to manage.  We also like to give our students many options for sharing their learning.  Some students are creating websites and others are making YouTube videos.  Other students may prefer to share their learning through an image they designed. How on Earth are we supposed to keep track of such varied assignments?   It is for this reason that I am suggesting the creation of a digital turn in bin!

How to make it happen:

The first step in creating a digital turn in bin for your students is to create a simple google form. Below is a video that will show you the ropes and have you customizing your own digital collection bin in no time.  Towards the end of the video there are also some tips for generating a spreadsheet to organize the work coming in.  This is a huge time saver that can turn difficult to manage digital projects into a tidy and organized collection of student work.  If you want to see a sample form that is set up as a digital collection bin check one out here.


Additional Ideas to Consider:

  • Share the spreadsheet with parents and students so they can view the great work from the class!
  • Add a column to the spreadsheet to allow students to leave comments for each other.
  • Use the spreadsheet as a place to keep track of feedback or grading you can later share with students.

Some of the fear in opening up the opportunity for students to share their learning in their own unique way is that it can be really difficult to manage the varied projects.  Having a digital collection bin available for your students to turn in ANY digital work is a very handy tool for your teacher toolbox.  This is an streamlined way to easily collect work when you give your students choice in demonstrating their learning. Don’t allow the management or fear of messy work submission hold you back from opening up options for your class.

If you are looking for a prettier way to collect work, please know this is not the only tool for this job!  When you want to create a space for students to SHARE their digital work with each other you should check out  If google forms is a digital collection bin, Padlet is a digital corkboard.  Padlet is a great tool to put your students work on display for each other.

Feel free to reach out for help if you are interested in trying either of these tools with your students.  Hit me up on twitter @DLittleInnovate

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