Unleash the power of FLIPGRID in your classroom!

Unleash the power of FLIPGRID in your classroom!

May 20, 2017 Cool Tools Flipgrid 0

What is Flipgrid?

Flipgrid is an exceptional tool for capturing student thinking and learning through video.  It provides teachers with endless opportunities to give their students a voice in the classroom.  If you have never used a flipgrid, you should post to a sample flipgrid topic so you can experience the seamless user interface before reading further.  At it’s heart, flipgrid is simply a space to bring many student ideas together in one location so that they are easily viewed by all members of the class.  But it can be so much more.

Creative ideas for use:

The true power of flipgrid becomes obvious when we start observing how teachers across the country are using this tool in creative ways.  Here are five big questions to challenge your thinking while setting up your next lesson with flipgrid:

  1. Who could my students invite into this flipgrid to offer expertise on a topic we are studying?
  2. What characters (historical, current day, or fictional) could my students dress up as to share their learning in a unique way?
  3. What props or materials from class could be incorporated into their flipgrid videos to allow them to model their learning?
  4. Could I use this to connect with other classrooms around the world to make learning more meaningful?  Think video pen pals.
  5. Could my students better express learning through the viewpoint of an animal or inanimate object?

The possible ways to use this tool are infinite.  The image on the right shares some subject specific ways you can make the most of flipgrid.  This is truly just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to maximizing the tool in your class.  Any tool that can empower students to share their learning is valuable.  Tools that can break down the classroom walls and allow you to bring global voices into your classroom are priceless.  This tool can do both of these things in a seamless and easy to use manner that is worth celebrating and using.

As with any technology tool in the classroom, flipgrid’s effectiveness at enhancing learning will depend on your use as a teacher.  Here are a few pointers to make sure you are making the most out of your early flipgrids:

  1. Capitalize on the visual aspect of this tool:  Encourage students to visually represent their learning and not just rely on their words.
  2. Bring experts into your flipgrids: There is no reason you need to limit these to your students alone.   For any topic you are studying, you can easily invite experts into your class with a quick google search and an email.  Allow your students to compare their own answers to the answers of the experts.
  3. Connect classrooms:  If you are learning about a different culture or location on the globe, connect with an educator in that location and bring your learning to life.  Break down your classroom walls with technology.  Students also love hearing from different grade levels and flipgrid makes this easy.  Seniors can teach elementary students a concept they are exploring.   Middle School students can teach Kindergartners.  Spread learning across your district through video.
  4. More than just class content: Use this tool to promote awareness for a building initiative.  Use this as a method for sharing great teaching ideas with your department or building.  Use this to get community input on a project you are running.  The options are endless for how this can impact our schools.

If you would like to learn more about this tool and how it can make a difference in your class, reach out to your Innovative Learning Coaches today!


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