Quizlet Live breathes life into learning vocabulary!

Quizlet Live breathes life into learning vocabulary!

May 20, 2017 Cool Tools 0
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What is Quizlet?

If you have never used quizlet to build out study resources for vocabulary you should definitely try it.  It is filled with several incredible features that provide students a variety of ways they can engage with the vocabulary words related to your content area.  Students can work through digital flashcards based on the list you provide them.  They can quiz themselves, practice spelling, or even take some automatically generated tests to see how well they are remembering informaiton.  There are several fun games that students enjoy built directly into the interface.  One of the best features of quizlet is the rich library of vocabulary sets that already exist.  Simply by searching key topics you can find a vast array of content vocabulary.

Quizlet also allows your vocabulary sets to incorporate images.  This can be extremely useful in many subject areas.  Students studying anatomy can connect the keywords to images and definitions.  Learning about the flags of African countries?  Quizlet vocab sets with images will have you covered.  Teachers interested in using this as a tool for spelling practice can also take advantage of the audio recording feature.  The students can hear your voice saying your words, and still be able to practice their spelling.  So many great features to explore.  But that isn’t the realy fun.  The real fun begins when students dive into Quizlet Live.

Quizlet Live… The most fun a person can have with vocabulary!  We mean that in a good way.

Quizlet Live is an incredible tool for your classroom.  It is great way to get students on their feet and moving around the classroom.  It also encourages teamwork and DEMANDS that all students get involved in the learning.  What is quizlet live? It is a fantastic and powerful tool for assessing student understanding.  It is designed to be used with vocabulary, but can be used in many more creative ways.  Watch this quick video to learn more!

If you want help starting a quizlet live game, please feel free to contact your ILCs.  This is such a fun way to engage students and review concepts associated with your classroom.  The best thing about this game is there are so many concepts already available on quizlet you can use for learning.  Easy to implement… engaging for students.  Collaboration, engagement, quizlet live!

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