Using Google Forms for Homework Checks

Using Google Forms for Homework Checks

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This year instead of taking homework simply for completion each night, I’m trying to use Google Forms as homework checks for accuracy.  I am creating a form each week, and having students complete it for their homework grade.  I then use the add-on Flubaroo to grade the assignment, and can quickly enter grades into the gradebook.  In addition to having a more accurate grade, I can also use the answers to get quick feedback on where the class needs some help.

This has saved me a bunch of time physically checking homework, and it grades itself!

Here is what the process looks like for me:

  1. Create the google form.  Here is a copy of one I gave.  For the Math and Science teachers you can now use Latex equations for your questions, but that’s a topic for another day.  I have had the best luck with sorting the form responses by insisting students type in their name, and also include a question about which period they are in.  
  2. Send out the link to the students.  I use Google Classroom for this.  My recommendation is to make the link as an announcement and NOT an assignment.  
  3. Sort your responses in Google Sheets.  I first sort all responses by period, and then select all of the students that are in that period and sort by last name (that way it makes entering into gradequick super easy.
  4. Use Flubaroo to grade.  I’ve had mixed results with short answers in in Algebra, so I’m making all of my questions multiple choice.  If you don’t want to use Flubaroo, you can check your answers manually.

  1. Enter into gradebook!

You can now disable the form so kids can’t turn it in late, or use the timestamps in the actual google sheets.  

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