May 16, 2022
Diversity Wheel

Culture Wheel Experience

Hello! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sarah Boselovic and I am a 9th grade English teacher at Mason High School.  For the past two weeks, my students have been studying two words — EMPATHY and CULTURE — and how they relate to our current unit, the Multicultural Memoir Unit.  What that unit focuses on is reading stories about people who are culturally different from us and then seeing why those stories matter and what we can learn from them. Later on, students will then write their own memoirs, because their stories matter too.

So, what do we mean by “culturally different”?  We have defined that by using something called the Culture Wheel (also called the Diversity Wheel) which categorizes different ways to identify our cultural makeup such as income, education level, race, gender, religion, etc.  First, students identified who they were culturally by filling out their own version of the culture wheel. Then, the students hit the halls to talk to anyone and everyone! They told people about the Culture Wheel and then asked them to pick a category on the wheel that impacts them and makes them who they are today.

I was amazed at the work my students produced and even more impressed by the depth of our discussions since.  We all have learned from each other this week — and isn’t that what school and life should be about?

In this video you are about to watch, the people of Mason High School weave a beautiful narrative of diversity and why all of our stories matter because they make us who we are.  So please, enjoy.

Diversity Wheel Credit:
Johns Hopkins Diversity Leadership Council

Sarah Boselovic

Sarah Boselovic is an English/Language Arts Teacher at Mason High School. Twitter: @SarahBoselovic

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