Giving Feedback

Mason Learning Series will offer THREE ways to give feedback

Flipgrid Confession

We know you watch reality TV! Whenever someone sits and talks directly to the camera to share all of their thoughts and feelings, producers call it a confessional. We want you to do the same! Visit the MLS Flipgrid to share your biggest inspiration, takeaway, or Ah-Ha Moment. There will be three ways to collect Flipgrid Feedback:

Either visit a Flipgrid Confessional Station in the Large Commons during the August 8 and 9 event

Click this link HERE to record your confessional on your own device.

If you have the Flipgrid mobile app, you can use the code d73077 to record straight from your device.

We will have people stationed in the Large Commons to help with all the Flipgrid experience. Read Dan Little’s blog about Flipgrid here.  


We will be checking Twitter responses throughout our two days together. Share your experiences on Twitter using the hashtag #MasonLearns to show off your professional learning. We will award prizes for:
  1. Loudest Tweet – The Tweet that elicits the most re-tweets before the end of the day on August 9.
  2. Most Inspirational Tweet – The Tweet that shows our coaches your passion and how fired up you are for the 2017-2018 school year.


If you click into each session in Sched, you can leave feedback. Feedback will be turned on once the Mason Learning Series begins on August 8, 2017. You can give text feedback as well as select from one of three faces to express your feedback in the session. Clicking into your session will show you the following options: Sched Session FeedbackHopefully you have a fantastic experience Mason Learning Series 2017. Please don’t hesitate to approach anyone from the Learning Coach Team if we can make your experience even better.