Ashland Credit

Credit for Job Embedded PD

Job embedded PD recognizes your work as an instructor on a team by rewarding you with credit hours.

Credit hours are awarded to individuals who work with a team to develop common instructional plans, study and implement high-impact research-based instructional strategies, or address an instructional challenge. For example, a team can work on common assessments to get data that will help them modify instruction to improve student learning. The team might examine formative and summative assessment data, samples of student work, classroom artifacts, and personal reflections to determine how to assist struggling students and provide enrichment for those who have mastered the content. The goal of this endeavor is to award credit for learning together as a team as you solve the everyday problems and challenges of teaching practice.

Step 1 – Create an Action Plan using this template. Submit the Action Plan for approval and/or feedback using this form.

Step 2 – Begin your work with your team based on your Action Plan. Use this log template to record your individual implementation activities (first tab on the document, 30 hours per credit hour attempted) and face-to-face meeting notes (second tab on the document, 5 hours per credit hour attempted). Note that there are two tabs on the document.

Step 3Submit your Implementation Activities and Face-to-Face Meeting Log from Step 2 using this form. Remember that both tabs of the log must be completed.

Step 4 – Once complete, follow these links to register and complete the proper courses for Fall Semester 2017: 1 Winter semester hour | 2 Winter semester hours.

Remember that your work may continue on this subject. This credit is given for a finite period of time while you progress through your goals. You will create work products through the course of the work, but the work may continue beyond the time you indicate here.

Credit for PD Sessions

Ashland Credit is available for your PD sessions completed here at Mason. This can include time spent in your 7.5 hours, Mason Learning Series, and other “seat time” experiences. Please join the Mason PD Series Schoology Group and follow the instructions in resources. Additional assistance is available in the group.

Please copy this spreadsheet and share it to Randy Doughman to submit your list of hours.
All learning meeting criteria from May 2017 – May 2018 can count toward credit.
You may register and pay for completed hours in December (December 1st deadline) and/or May 2018 (May 1st deadline)
Note.  The hours completed must meet these criteria:
  • Completed on the Mason Campus
  • Include New Learning
  • Collaborative in Nature

Links to register for the courses:

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